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We re-laminated the counter top, installed a 3-burner propane stove with oven including a propane solenoid/alarm, and installed a deeper double sink with new faucet. Steve built cabinets behind the stove for additional storage. He also built a new cabinet above the reefer so that we had a place to store our dishes and silverware.


We tore out the old ice box. We had to cut it in half to get it out through the companionway. We built a new reefer out of 3/4 inch polyurethane foam using several layers to get the needed 6 inches of insulation. We then fiberglassed the whole unit and installed a vacuum hatch.  We made it narrower so that we could add storage space for charts and miscellaneous items. We added an Adler Barbour refrigeration unit and relaminated the top for a counter/navigation station. So far it has worked very well especially for keeping our tropical drinks cold.


Steve built a new vanity that includes a laundry drop and a 30-gallon holding tank and macerator were installed under the vanity top. We replaced the head. Steve also built new louvered doors for the all the cabinets.


The sides of the v-berth were carpeted. We tore out the carpet, and then Steve and I cut and milled 3-inch tongue-and- groove slats from teak. Steve mounted stringers to the hull sides. We then mounted the slats to the stringers, insulated the hull, and screwed the slats to the stringers. Linda meticulously installed teak bungs over all the screws. We also added a teak rail at the side of the bunk, which gave us additional storage.

V-Berth Cabinets

Steve also built new louvered cabinet doors and two new sliding  drawers for the v-berth.


We removed all the old Formica laminate. This required a lot of scraping and the removal of the old contact cement. We then installed 1/8-inch teak laminate. This was a major effort, but with 8 coats of varnish, the boat now has that warm luster of real teak. In the galley, we used white laminate in order to brighten the interior.


We completely rewired the boat and added  new electrical panels--one for AC and one for DC. We also installed a 1500-watt inverter/charger with Link 1000, a battery combiner,  a new Trojan house battery bank, a new radar, and a GPS chart plotter with  depth sounder. In the future we plan to add a short-wave radio.

Repainting the Deck

Because of the sun in New Mexico and the thickness of the original gelcoat, we needed to have the decks repainted with 2-part linear polyurethane. We contracted to have the work done in Anacortes.  At that time, we also replaced the port lights, anchor windlass, and salon hatch. Based on comments from others in the marina, we feel that the results were worth the expense.

New Dodger and Bimini

The old dodger and bimini needed to be replaced. We had the work done by Trade Winds Canvas in Anacortes, Washington. The owners, Jon and Lynne, were previous owners of our boat, so they had a real appreciation for her. We were very pleased with the results.


Our old inverter went out and it cost almost as much to fix it as it cost to buy a new one. We purchased a Xantrex inverter with a new Link module. The Link module monitors battery status, charging, and inverter control.

Wind Vane

We installed a Monitor Wind Vane so that we would have self-steering capability. It was quite a project. We are pleased that the vane also creates  an emergency ladder for us.

Reefing Lines and Handrails
The old teak handrails were not in great shape, so we decided to replace them with stainless steel handrails. They turned out great; and best of all, they don't have to be varnished.

Wind Generator

We decided to add a wind generator to help with our power needs. We were able to get the generator installed while in San Diego, and tt has worked very well to supplement our needs. We were going to add solar panels also, but every source we found required a back order. We decided to purchase a Honda 2 kw generator instead.

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